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4 min readDec 22, 2022


Today, we are excited to share that we are launching Syntagma, web3 research & advisory laboratories. Our scope of expertise includes but not limited to economic and market data analysis and modeling, information design, graphic design, promotion strategy, go-to-market strategy, financial and tokenomics modeling, and, most importantly, clear professional and appealing for the targeted audience communication strategy.

Unlike other projects, we embrace a data-driven approach in all our projects. This means that any idea that you may have will be first checked and validated by our data analysis and research. We test your hypotheses before you get fully committed to their implementation. It’s much cheaper to understand all the future shortcomings and pitfalls before investing (in some cases, wasting) time, effort and resources.

No doubt that data has become almost a buzzword these days. However, we have unique expertise in data scrapping, cleaning, analyzing and modeling gained from the leading European universities, which makes our motto “Data-driven guidance through volatile reality” not a hollow promise.

Where it all began [our history]

In fact, Syntagma has existed already as a freelance and a collaboration of like-minded people since the beginning of 2022. Now it’s time to start a new chapter and open up to the world by creating our digital presence and sharing knowledge and experience with the global community.

As a team with 6+ years of experience in the crypto industry and blockchain technologies, we served over 20 clients all over the globe while gaining professional experience in such companies as Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, R/Crypto ( family) and Byzantine.Solutions. From now on, we want to share our knowledge and experience with the global community and collaborate with other enthusiasts.

Syntagma was established as a women-led project and will always be devoted to women’s empowerment in web3 and beyond. Emergent technologies disrupt web2 practices by introducing fairer and more transparent business models that lift the user experience to a new level. As a team of female enthusiasts, we disrupt the common gender discrimination in the workplace and prove with every day of our work that the web3 industry is indeed fair and transparent as it is open to any contributors. Syntagma is committed to remaining a non-discriminatory space where people are treated exclusively on merit-based principles.

The future we’re building [our vision]

The history of humankind proved that there is no fairer social organization than democracy. We embraced the idea of checks and balances in our politics but completely ignored it in our companies. Hyper-centralized ownership of all goods and services allows bosses to dictate whatever they want without asking their subjects — employees or customers.

Recently the dictatorship management spread out across the public space that the Internet became. Privacy violations, hyper monetization by intrusive adware, and attacks on freedom of speech by banning people with opposing beliefs became a new reality. It is time to admit that traditional centralized ownership leads to the inevitable abuse of authority.

Web3 is our best last chance to build a better world where ownership belongs to people, not dictators. A world where it is impossible to invade privacy due to anonymousness. A world where revenue sharing is transparent and equally distributed among all the contributors. A world of ethical and competent businesses. A world where you have a voice.

In Syntagma, we try to do everything to achieve this vision of a new democratic Web3 Internet.

How high will we fly [our mission]

Of course, there are still many challenges that web3 needs to overcome. Our mission is to assist the projects in this journey and jointly design and impact an elaborated web3 architecture, free from hype nonsense and scams.

Our objectives:

- any token economy must be robust, reliable and sustainable

- any project must have transparent revenue sharing, and treasury must have an open monetary policy

- any project’s economy must be balanced, and all stakeholders should have a clear value proposition for every component of such economy

- any DAO structure should have incentivization mechanisms to avoid political inaction

- any NFT project must provide utility

- any GameFi/P2E project should be, first of all, a game, and only after that token resale platform

- any project should support crypto adoption and make it accessible for non-crypto natives

Things we live by [our core principles]

To achieve our objectives, we have the following principles:

- we take on a project only if we believe in it

- we focus on your business goals and maximize the impact of our involvement

- we bring the best of ourselves and our expertise to the table (and expect you to do the same)

- we follow the timeline and scope of work and make changes only when all stakeholders are on board

- we cherish your (and our) resources and make the best use of them

- we help you refine the strategy and business model, but their implementation falls on you

- your success = our success, and we leverage all our expertise to help you achieve it

Join our network to build the future of web3 together! Please feel free to drop us a message at or contact us on LinkedIn ( if you want to chat.

All the best,

Aleksandra and Polina



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